Half of all brits say a well-designed garden is as important as a designer kitchen or bathroom!

Garden design by Design Heights

Research from property website Zoopla and the Society of Garden Designers, in 2019 revealed that the nation’s love of gardens is as keen as ever, with 50% of Brits believing a well-designed garden is as important or more important than a well-designed bathroom or kitchen.

The poll of 2,000 Brits found that the desire for good design is not exclusively limited to interiors, with nearly half of respondents having been put off buying or renting a property because of the condition of the garden, and 40% saying they would consider employing a professional garden designer to transform their outside space into the garden of their dreams.

Meanwhile, the research also found that around three quarters (74%) of homeowners either already have or would consider spending money on their garden to increase the value of their property and that, on average, Brits would be willing to spend an extra £14,448 to purchase a home with a garden. Therefore, sellers and landlords are right not to overlook the condition of outside space when marketing their home to buyers and renters.

Garden design by Design Heights

Top 6 reasons why having a beautiful garden is key when selling your home:

1. A Beautiful Garden Boosts Curb Appeal

A well-maintained garden can greatly enhance the exterior of your property, making a great first impression upon potential buyers. It can also differentiate your home from other properties in the market and increase its perceived value.

2. A Beautiful Garden Creates an Outdoor Living Space

A beautiful garden can serve as an outdoor extension of your living space where people can relax, entertain or exercise. This can be an attractive feature for buyers who love spending time outdoors.

3. A Beautiful Garden Adds Value to the Property

A professionally landscaped garden with mature plants, trees, and water features, can add significant value to your property. According to studies, landscaping can increase your home’s value by up to 20%. It can be a key factor in setting the asking price and attracting potential buyers willing to pay a premium for a home with a beautiful garden.

4. A Beautiful Garden Demonstrates Home Maintenance

A well-manicured garden can indicate that the house has been regularly maintained, which can give buyers confidence in the overall condition of the property.

5. A Beautiful GardenProvides a Peaceful Haven

A beautifully landscaped garden can create a peaceful and serene environment that can appeal to buyers who are looking for a retreat from the busy city life.

6. A Beautiful Garden Provides A Place to Play and Entertain

A well-designed garden can serve as a place for entertaining family and friends. It can be a space for barbecues, picnics, or simply enjoying the outdoors. This can be an attractive feature for families, especially those with children or pets.

People can literally fall in love with a home the moment they first pull into the driveway. So, it goes without saying that a long-neglected garden or a dried-up patch of grass will hurt your chances of selling. A beautifully designed and well-maintained garden is crucial for impressing potential buyers—but not just any old plants will do. There’s nothing quite as alluring as the sweet smell and showstopping looks of Wisteria, in late Spring for maximum kerb-appeal, as can a beautiful Magnolia in winter or a scented climbing rose around the front door.

Garden design by Design Heights

Here’s an example of the reward for investing in a beautiful garden when selling your home:

“We went from no offers, ever, to a sale at our asking price via one new garden design by Carole at Design Heights

We were keen to sell our house and had put it on the market several times over a period of years. Despite numerous viewings, we never had a single offer. The garden was small; a classic Victorian side return with a tiny back patio and somehow both overgrown and underplanted, with tired paving.

We decided to stay and to finish the house completely spend money on the garden to transform our view out of the kitchen windows. We asked Carole to do a Scottish inspired design and gave her a list of our plant loves and hates. She designed the space, planting and contracted her landscaper to help the transformation. I loved the result.

We decided to have one more go at selling the house and put it on the market again. This time, not only did we get an offer, but it was at our asking price and the sale was pushed through in 12 weeks.

I have no doubt that the transformed curb appeal, as well as thoughtfully planted, low maintenance backyard clinched it”

Andrea Rippe – Design Heights Client

Read the full case study here.

Garden design by Design Heights

The afore mentioned survey also asked Brits to rank the most important design features of a garden when looking to make a purchase; and most popular was ‘having somewhere to sit and relax’ at 36%, here’s how the rest ranked:

  • Maximum sunlight throughout the day / south facing (15%)
  • Somewhere for the children to play (12%)
  • Flowers / shrubs (8%)
  • A space for pets (7%)
  • Somewhere to entertain (6%)
  • Growing my own fruit/vegetables (4%)
  • Extra storage space/shed (2%)
  • A water feature (0.4%)

In summary; having a beautiful garden can significantly enhance the overall appeal of a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers and potentially increasing its value. So, if you’re planning to put your house on the market and want to get your garden redesigned before doing so, please get in touch to arrange a Design Heights Consultation Call.