Interior Design Tricks That Can Help You Design Your Garden – Part 2

Part 2 of how interior design tricks can help you plan and design your garden using lighting, planting, colour and drawing the eye.

Desk and flowers

Interior Design Tricks That Can Help You Design Your Garden – Part 1

Here are some tips on how to approach your garden, using some of the interior design tricks you may well be familiar with.

Planning your New Garden: 5 Practical Tips

Are you having an extension to your property, big renovation or even building a house? Will the works destroy whatever garden you have or change the layout so it requires to be re-designed?


As part of my own personal journey as a Garden Designer, I plan to visit as many gardens as possible (in the capital letter – destination sense, not any old garden) to gain more knowledge and experience. There is absolutely nothing that compares to seeing first hand, plants in their appropriate setting and planted in combination. I think it goes without saying that gardening is most definitely a profession where you are ALWAYS learning.

My intention was always to take pictures, as a reference, and the blog just sprang out of that, I’m gregarious and a sharer, so it feels like the most natural thing for me to do. Plus many of these gardens survive on their entrance fees and donations, so if I can help inspire others to visit then no bad thing!

I am interested in design in general especially mid-century modern buildings and interiors so I may share other things that inspire me but mostly the blog will be about lovely gardens and plants. I’m planning to post one a month in season (April – Sept) and less frequently out of season (Oct-March) but don’t hold me to that, as I am a wee busy bee.