Garden Design in Beckenham and Bromley



01. consultation meeting
Once you’ve contacted us, with some details about your project, we will be in touch to arrange an initial consultation call: to understand your requirements, discuss what is possible from the site, give you an opportunity to understand our ideas and design philosophy and understand the fees. There is normally no charge for this meeting.
02. Site Visit
We understand the trust required to be let loose on your garden. So if you are happy to proceed, after the initial meeting, we will then arrange a site visit, in order to meet and also access the garden firsthand. After which we will send a fee proposal, acceptance of this proposal is notice of engagement.
03. Brief
We will then schedule a site survey and a briefing meeting, it is important that everyone who uses the garden attends. We will go through a series of questions to define the brief however it is also helpful if you have pictures of gardens you like or dislike. If the garden is particularly large or complex a professional surveyor maybe required to undertake the survey.
04. Design Concept
Once the brief is agreed we will create a scale drawing of the site -masterplan, defining the design concept with material choices and overall plant ideas. As well as developing illustrative sketch/es in order that you can visualise the finished garden.
05. Material Labour & Quotes
Once the design concept is signed off in which materials are all agreed, labour quotes can be undertaken. Construction detailing may be required in order to obtain accurate quotations and build instructions. I have my own roster of tradesmen however sometimes clients wish to use their own landscapers at this stage.
06. Planting plan
Normally during the build phase the Planting Plan is developed, the detailed scale plan which shows which plants go where, how many, with a defined plant list (Latin names including specific species/type). From this list, the planting is quote obtained. We also supply a planting schedule which includes thumbnail images of each plant by area so you can more readily visualise how the planting will look through your garden.
07. build process
Once all quotes are agreed the works can begin; site clearance, foundations, conduit for services (electric & water), hard landscaping, structures etc. If we are retained for Project Monitoring site visits will be undertaken to confirm the design is being followed and any issues are resolved which may impacted on the design. We do offer a project monitoring option which would be discussed at the fee proposal & design concept sign off.
08. planting
The flower beds are then prepared, plants are sourced and planted following the agreed planting plan.
09. finishing details
Irrigation is installed, as is final fix lighting, by a qualified electrician.

Design Heights offers project monitoring, procurement and planting services as well as quarterly maintenance and gardening tuition, fees are agreed based on requirement and scale of the project.

10. Timescales
Depending on your requirements or the site conditions; dramatic changes can be realised in just a couple of weeks. However more complex projects and larger schemes will involve more planning and may take weeks in the design and implementation phase, before work begins.