From start to finish

Finished garden from patio
Finished garden
Finished garden cat view
Garden bed
Garden bed
Finished garden rear view

Planting Project, Medium Sized Garden in Forest Hill

This project could have been a right pain however it’s ended up one of my favourites of 2020. 

Originally, there was a much larger budget, a really interesting brief and I was really looking forward to seeing the finished garden. Then the global pandemic hit and the clients decided to reduce the budget dramatically which normally has me groaning. As I design with budget in mind from the beginning, so a big reduction in budget normally means going back to the beginning. 

However, these clients wanted to focus all the budget on the planting and pragmatically used turf instead of the hard landscaping planned. Which was the first positive, as planting gives you a much  bigger bang for our buck!

They also got their hands dirty and in lockdown; clearing all the turf, painting the fences, prepping the beds, and adding irrigation and then we got on with planting up. As you can see from the images it was indeed a dramatic transformation.

However, the biggest positive of all; they decided to put the property on the market and it’s about to complete so I have helped my lovely clients with the next stage in realising their life plan. Now that gives me job satisfaction! 

I’ll let the clients do the talking with this lovely testimonial:

We engaged Carole pre-lockdown after searching online locally. We recognised that we simply would not be able to do our own design that would have impact, hence why we got a designer. It was clear instantly from a site meeting in Feb she understood what we wanted, summarising well. We were happy enough to instruct her to do a design almost immediately. We wanted something to soften our mid-terrace long narrow garden, it’s a common problem and we hated the squareness of it. Then lockdown hit and the world changed.

At this point we decided we didn’t want to risk investing in a full landscaping and would do a lot of it DIY / stages. Nevertheless we wanted the design. We engaged Carole to do a revised plan, and she took on board our compromises, adapting the plan and we got a great new design and detailed Planting Plan, which was where we chose to spend the money we had. Whilst we got on with a lot of lifting turf, fence painting and general clean up during lockdown, she ordered a substantial amount of plants, dealing with the nursery and securing a delivery date using her contacts. She was with us helping for a day when the 120-ish plants arrived, checking the state of them, organising, sorting. Her experience was invaluable at this point.

Then we all got stuck in for the remainder of the day carrying, digging and planting. Carole was sharing her knowledge and tips for future care throughout. The result is fantastic, achieving the brief. We did it within our revised budget – including Carole’s fees – which were sensible. We simply could not have done this without her expertise in the process. It may be in the next few years we could adapt the plans or reuse them to some extent. It has transformed the view of the garden and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much Carole!

Howard Glynn