I edited the pictures from this visit to the Prairie Gardens on a very raining Saturday afternoon and quite frankly the process had me wanting to book a holiday immediately! It was such a beautiful afternoon in early autumn… I first went to the Sussex Prairie Gardens in June 2017 and immediately had intended to go back that autumn when the grasses would be in flower but hey, the best laid plans. I went with my bestie from school, who lives close by in Hove. She’s not a gardener but she is also a designer and some of the best photos were taken by her skilled hand.


Immediately on seeing the garden she exclaimed ‘why hadn’t she been here before?’  Well love, I have no idea but clearly more people in the local environs need to hear about the Prairie Gardens, hopefully this blog will help spread the word. We were of course planning a trip back before we’d been half away round however I don’t think that will be this year now, sadly.

PRairie Gardens Planting

After the long hot dry summer of 2018, the grasses which prairie style planting is renowned for, were looking fantastic giving one final grand show before the winter sets in. There were also an abundance of some of my favourite late flowering perennials; Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Helenium, Leycesteria Formosa, Sanguisorba, Persicaria, Sedums (Hylotelephium) as well as seed heads of Fennel, Phlomis and Cardoons all adding to the stunning display.

Sinuous Swirls

Sussex Prairie Sculpture Gardens is laid out in a huge swirl shape, with a large central avenue defined by yew hedges and hornbeams, and sinuous borders separated by lawn. The huge borders contain pathways, so you can get right in and explore. One border has a large pond, whilst the one at the back is raised, so you get a fantastic view of the whole site from the top looking back.

Surprising Sculpture

However the big surprise for me was the sculpture, I am going to be honest, I barely remember any from my last visit but this time round we became very excited about quite a few of them (I really want a head, after saying I didn’t like figurative sculpture!), and as you can see we took lots of pictures. I wonder if the afternoon light highlighted the sculpture more, they do on reflection look rather lovely. I am not going to say too much about this garden if you are interest in more details about the planting or how the garden came to be, you can read all about it in this blog. So for once I will shut up and let the pictures do the talking.